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What our customers say…

Last week my refurbished Chubby stove arrived (Wed. 2/26/14) I’ve never burned coal before. I’ve had a Jotul wood stove insert for the longest time and ran out of wood and was concerned I might not be able to find seasoned wood so late in the season and started researching the web looking for alternate heat sources. I wished it would have dawned on me sooner as my grandfather had a hand fired coal stove when I was growing up. Fond memories, his house was always real warm. I am blessed with great chimney draft and the Chubby has been burning a week straight (add coal twice a day and shake once.) I love being able to sleep the night away and not have to worry about feeding a wood stove…

No bark everywhere on my hearth and trails of wood chips from the door to the fireplace. The last bit of wood I did bring in also had a nest of spiders that woke up after warming up on my wood pile in my living room (not fun). I am now an anthracite coal evangelist. I absolutely love this Chubby Stove and can’t say enough good things about it. I never would have known it was refurbished. Larry did an excellent job.

Andrew D Alburtis, PA 18011

I am (was) an avid woodburner. Now in my early 50s I’ve had enough cutting, splitting, and stove sitting. Honestly, its just not worth it. I purchased one of your brand new Coal Stove Chubbys and I’m on cloud nine. I thought all the hype about anthracite was just postureing but now an owner of this product I am a beliver big time. My Chubby Stove burns for hours on end, without creosote, without loading, no bugs, and contrary to the rumors of coal being dusty.. just not true. Now wood that was dirty. If I spill a little ash I simple wipe it up – problem solved. I am loving the constant heat and all the extra time I have on my hands.

Kevin and Donna B. Bangor, Maine

Hi Larry,

Been a few weeks heating with the Chubby and it’s been going really well. Nice heat & we are saving a lot on fuel. As for results, the heat has been great. I think we used about 10 gallons of propane last month (hot water). With two stairs and the convection effect, we are currently heating the whole house – 2200 SF. antique. I attached some pics, too. We are supper happy with this stove. I cant’ see how someone could get a square stove to work. Stay warm,

Bob & Elaine Conway, MA

Kress had to light the Chubby we just couldn’t wait any longer. Even though we have only been up and running for a few days your product far exceeds our expectations!

Kim & Kress Pittsburgh, PA

Good evening. I just wanted to take a second to marvel at my little Chubby. I am sure you get sick of hearing it, but I will tell you anyway, it is a true marvel. 250lb, burns for 24hrs with 2 loads of coal, takes no maintenance to speak of, looks great in my living room, reduces my use of oil exponentially (use oil for hot water only) and is much easier than burning wood. I have found that I burn less coal and stay more comfortable. By the way, the optional built in blower on my Chubby is bullet proof. I have it installed on a variable speed switch. I only run it when I want extra heat.

My Respects, Michael G. Connecticut

Thanks so much… love this stove. I burn “pee” sized deep mined anthracite in my Jr. Chubby (very few clinkers) and I generally am able to get a clean 12 hour burn. Last year my entire heating bill was a little under $450!

Jeffrey S. Stockholm, NJ.

Hey Larry, just wanted to let u know day 8 without power and heat. Between a generator and my chubby we r doing fine. The chubby is kicking a$$!!!!! Thanks again for your great stove! Thanks from jersey. Air force tom

Tom M. N.J.

In the very early 1980’s I needed a coal/wood stove. I had heard about the Chubby Stoves and the factory was located near me. So, back then, I bought a Chubby Brickstone. Today is Sunday, March 17, 2013. That very same Chubby Brickstone (now named “Bertha”) is in the family room, right where I can see her. She is heating this entire house, as she has for more than thirty years. I’ve never had to repair or replace, anything. She is exactly as she was, over thirty years ago.

How many products have you ever bought that not only performed as or better than expected, but lasted over thirty years? If you are like me, few to none. “Bertha” is the only one.

She will use pretty much anything I toss in there for fuel. I once joked with a neighbor that in the spring and fall I heat my house using a combination of sticks and junk mail. Frankly, it wasn’t a joke. My friend “Bertha” has kept two generations of this family warm for over thirty years. How can you beat that?

Christine Harrison Spalding

Dear Larry, we’ve had our reconditioned chubby for almost a year now and we are in love with it. I live in an old poorly insulated lake house and having a stove is a must. I switched from wood to coal when I purchased my chubby and I couldn’t be happier. I am enjoying not having to stack and split wood. I have also noticed my hearth area is cleaner with coal than wood. No wood chips everywhere. My stove has been running for 2 months straight without going out. The main problem I had with wood was it would go out every night causing my furnace to run. Not so with my chubby. I simply shake and load twice a day. That’s it. We wake up to a comfortable house every morning without burning any gas. Thanx again.
Staying totally warm in PA,

Scott (Dingmans Ferry, PA)

Hi Larry

Thanks for your help , I just ordered the new grate and gaskets , maybe I can get another 33 years out of the stove . You made a great product to last this long . Can you send me the Video .

Harry (Westford, MA)

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