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Chubby, the anthracite home heaters thousands of New Englanders are raving about.
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Reconditioned Chubbys


Re-purposed Chubby Stoves – reconditioned to like new condition.

Have your Coal Stove Chubby restored, or purchase one of ours all done when available.

Reconditioned Stoves for sale.

Second chance Chubby’s have been acquired in many cases from owners who purchased them 30 years ago, then in their 50s’ and are now much older. Also, from new home purchasers, antique shops and anywhere we can find them. All heaters are reconditioned to a very high standard. All stoves have the newest technology and grate systems.

Gaskets are always replaced throughout and the viewing mica is replaced. Every unit is put back together with new nuts and bolts and is like new. Each Chubby is finished with high-temperature stove paint, and optionally the castings can be polished by hand. Each stove has been carefully rebuilt and is looking for a new family. Our re-purposed Chubby Stoves are the most stove for the least amount of money. If it doesn’t say Chubby, it’s not the stove “thousands of New Englanders are raving

These Coal Stove Chubby’s have been keeping New England families warm for over a quarter century. Our plain but fancy Chubby’s are at home in any setting. We have countless stoves keeping people warm on the Islands off the coast of Maine, and inland all over the United States. Like the family pet, your Chubby Stove will be a good friend. All reconditioned Chubby Stoves have withstood the test of time! Reconditioned blower units are sold with the original blower motors in good working condition.

Reconditioned stoves without blowers range in price from $1299 to 1,400 Units with blowers $1450 – $1699.00

Drop your stove off to be reconditioned  Includes:   

Taking the stove apart piece by piece, and a complete mechanical cleaning inside and out. Inspection of your fire pot, grate, and stove interior. After a solvent and mechanical shot blast cleaning, Your Chubby will undergo a thorough pampering while we apply new gaskets underneath the stove top, and new gasket rope on the top and bottom doors. The mica in the viewing window is replaced. Your fire pot, grate, and shaker rod will be set to factory standards and if needed the washer at the shaker are can be replaced (25.00) Your stove will be rebuilt with new nuts and bolts. Finally, we will apply a new coat of high-temperature stove paint. Your stove will be wrapped in plastic for protection. Reconditioning includes all parts and labor as mentioned above. Includes drilling and tapping new threads if mica window bolts have frozen or rusted in place, and a new mica window. Does not include any work on blower motors if required. New blower motors are available. Also available for purchase are the new round style ash pans, and pokers for flossing.

Not included:

(if required) but available, such things as the new style fire pot, grates, or welding repairs. Quotes in advance if there will be any charge for these types of repairs. We will also adjust your existing fire pot. If you have an older style fire pot (we recommend updating to a newer style fire pot) for a superior shaking experience. it will make your stove shake like it is on ball bearings! The newer style fire pot was installed in all Chubby’s made beginning in 1982. Either way your pot will be adjusted for you, for free.

Your stove should be cleaned out prior to bringing it in* and the ash pan, poker, and blower motor should not be dropped off with your stove. Your grate will be taken out on arrival inspected and returned to you.  You do not need to bring your poker or ash pan. This will prevent any mix up of customers removable parts. New blower motors are available $135 to $145.00 with a new high temperature thermally protected cord.

*Stove clean out is $25.00 if required. Please clean out your stove before bringing it in.

Excessive rust may be subject to 25.00 charges and will be evaluated at time stove is delivered. A severely rusted unit may show pitting marks through the paint where the rust is removed but will still look and work beautifully!

Thank-you for understanding!

Prices to recondition your Chubby Stove:  Jr. Chubby $499.00・Large Chubbys $499.00 Blower Chubbys 599.00

Chubby, the coal burning stoves “Thousands of New Englanders are raving about”

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