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Knowledge base & Stove operation questions – Coal Suppliers listed below.

I have a 30 year old Chubby can I get an operation manual for it?

Sure, on the menu on the left click Operation manual- you can have the manual for free, we have made this manual printable. If you have any questions, don’t guess call or email us! always free tech support.

Fire pots

I need a new grate (or fire pot) and I am not sure which one to order. There are 3 generations of fire pots. Find your fire pot style below.

#1. Was the original single piece pot. This fire pot was a single casting, and had no movable bottom. If the bottom grate area needs to be replaced you need to replace the whole fire pot. Single piece pot $260.00 30.00 shipping.   (Available 7 – 21 days)

#2. Is the first internal shaker style fire pot. This required opening the bottom door and inserting a handle. This handle is moved left to right to shake down the ash. Special order call for pricing. This pot was also used in early external shaker units, and later switched to pot style #3 as is now suggested.

#3. External Shaker fire pot. These stoves have a handle that comes out the lower right side of the stove body. This handle has a shaker rod that goes in through the stove body and connects to the grate inside the fire pot. $260.00 (Available in stock)

Pot #2 above has 4 or 6 tabs 4= internal shaker the bottom grate is still available and is 290.00 free shipping

All stoves can be updated to the newest style fire pot. May require in shop repairs.

Grate bottoms

If you need to replace a grate bottom, but not the fire pot (bowl) above. No problem

If you need to open the bottom door and insert a handle to shake your grate left to right, you have Pot style #2 above. Order – an Internal shaker grate bottom. If you have a shaker rod that comes out the lower right side of the stove (just behind the lower door hinges a few inches). You have pot style # 3 above – Order an external shaker grate bottom.

Is my stove a Jr. Chubby or a Large Chubby?

A Jr. Chubby will have the words JR. CHUBBY carved into the top door – A Large Chubby will have the words COAL CHUBBY carved into the top door.

What size mica do I order?

There are two sizes of mica. #1. is a 2 x 3″ mica this is about the size of a business card and is secured behind a steel holder the mica is about the size of an egg. #2. Fire view mica set is a 3 piece set of mica held in place with two bolts and washers each mica sheet is about the size of an index card. Order at left column menu under “Replacement parts” button.

Do you take trade ins for another newer Chubby?

Yes, however we pay wholesale prices because we need to recondition your trade in for resale. You may want to try selling it on your own first.

I can’t get the bolts out to replace my mica window?

You can bring your door in and we will grind off the bold head drill out the bolts and tap new threads for you. We will replace the old bolts with new hex head bolts for easy removal in the future. We will also put in your new mica. $25.00 labor cost plus the cost of the replacement mica.

When my stove heats up I can’t shake the grate. It is 30 years old

Check the bottom of your grate. If there is a crack it will swell open when the stove is hot. This can stop and bind the grate

Should I buy a Chubby with a top or rear smoke pipe.

If you plan to install in a fireplace rear vent is best – Free standing? A top vent will likely be best. Not sure though call us!

Operation Questions

I accidentally left my air intake open for an hour while I was texting, and my stove is roaring it is over 900 degrees how do I slow it down???

If you think you are in danger call 911 or your local fire dept. Otherwise, with an insulated glove on use your poker to close the air on the bottom door completely. Using the poker. Once the situation has corrected itself  return the stove to your normal settings. This over sight is  unlikely to have hurt your stove. They are built to take this sort of over firing. Do not repeat.

I am getting more heat than I need what can I do?

Close the air on the bottom door to 1/8″ open or close it completely. Turn the pipe damper (MPD) damper all the way to open position and let the heat go up the chimney. When you want more heat later open the bottom door air slide to desired position. Wait 3 minutes then close the (MPD) manual turn pipe damper, and the heat will stop going up the chimney and will be directed into your home.

My stove is not running as hot after 3-4 days. Am I doing something wrong?

Your fire pot has become ash bound. Open your turn damper, close the air on the bottom door, shake down the grate, then poke underneath the grate. Set the air on the bottom door to your normal setting. The stove will resume a nice fire and return to normal burning and heat. Close the turn damper 95% of the way for room heating or open the damper and close the air on the bottom door, to send the heat up the chimney.

Where can I buy quality anthracite nut coal for my Coal Stove Chubby?

Below is a list of recommended sources. You can contact these companies and ask if there is a local dealer. If not and your interested in selling anthracite in your area ask for opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to start to heat your entire home, or searching for a supplement to the system you already have look to anthracite coal. It’s convenient. It’s cost-effective. It’s clean. And if you’re considering anthracite – Burn Lehigh Anthracite.

For Chubby Stoves

purchase nut size anthracite

Lehigh Anthracite

Bulk coal sales call: 570-668-9060 ask for Terry or Brandi

Bagged coal sales and dealer inquires: 570-621-8871 ask for Matt

Direnzo Coal Co. since 1930

Direnzo Coal Co. since 1930

1389 Bunting Street Pottsville, PA 17901

For more than seventy-five years and three generations we have been proudly producing and marketing quality Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal.

Blaschak Coal available everywhere. 1-800-676-4743 or

Chubby Stoves are recognized by their unique exterior design. The low profile of a Chubby stove lends itself to those jobs not serviced by taller units.

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