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Chubby, the anthracite home heaters thousands of New Englanders are raving about.
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Chubby Stove

Total warmth

The Coal Stove Chubby has withstood the test of time for over 30 years. Antracite home heating is part of the American story.
Own a supplemental Coal Stove Chubby, you will never be cold on your own home again.

Coal Stove Chubbys

Like the family pet, Coal Stove Chubby owners will tell you their home heaters are like part of the family. Environmentally friendly, anthracite nut burns without creosote, smoke, and will never result in a chimney fire.

Chubby Stoves

Pictured here are the original Jr. Chubby (left) and Large Chubby. Each unit is over 30 years old. Many Chubby stoves are still in service with the original owners. A restored Chubby Stove is selling for more money today than they did new 30 years ago, double in some cases.

Circa: 1980

Coal Stove Chubby historical photograph.


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