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Always Free Tech Support

Tech support is free, regardless of where you purchased your Coal Stove Chubby, even if you purchased it used from someone else. The reason we do this is for the your safety, and that of your family. If you have a question or are not sure about something please call and ask. Its always free to ask a question. Always have your local code enforcement officer inspect your installation. If they have questions, or are not familiar with our products, we are happy to speak with them. Just ask them to call our free safety line at 781-293-7990 – 7 days a week.

Free information below:

Always use insulated stove pipe (Class A) all fuel stainless steel. Must be at least 6″ inside diameter, 8″ outside diameter. Never use class B gas vent or air insulated pipe. Once you pass through a combustible wall ( with a fireproof  thimble) you can not change back to black single wall stove pipe. Black single wall stove pipe  24ga. can never be used outdoors for any ChubbyStove installation, it dangerous and will not draft properly.

Clearance to combustibles. Stove 36″ black pipe 18″ – Distance to combustibles can be cut by 50% if you place a non-combustible heat shield between the combustible surface and the stove or stove pipe. Proper wall protection is accomplished by using a non combustible material such as sheet metal, or cement millboard spaced 1″ off the wall with non combustible shims such as copper pipe cut to 1″ and used to space the material you use off of the wall.

UL Tested ? Yes.  Arnold Greene Testing Lab (Conam) Natick, MA. UL 1482 UL 737 (1979)

Fireplace install:

Do I need to line the flue? If you already have a clay tile lined flue, you have already lined the chimney. Unless it is cracked or damaged it is not necessary to add an additional liner. We recommend running the 6″ stove pipe up at least 10 ‘ into the clay liner. The higher you go the better your stove will draft and the more heat you will get. However, if you code officer says you must run the pipe to the top, follow the advice. There is no creosote with coal so there is no chimney fire hazard. But local laws rule.

Floor protection: 8″ on the stove sides on the floor. 16 ” in front on the floor. Use a floor protection pad suitable for a wood stove or coal stove. A chubby stove does not produce a high floor temperature and is normally about room temperature when stove is running in hottest position. Use a factory provided heat shield. You can make one out of 20 or 22 ga. sheet metal. Cut a 13″ circle and drill a 1/4″ hole in the center and suspend it half way between the floor and stove bottom with a 1/4″ x 3″ bolt. The stove has a pre-drilled hole in the bottom center of the floor. Always leave 1″ of ash or sand under the ash pan on the stove floor.

Do I need a barometric damper and a turn damper? Yes. The turn damper goes first (6″ cast iron manual pipe damper) and the barometric is after the turn damper heading away from the stove in the pipe system. The turn damper will hold the fire down providing you with heat into the house instead of up the chimney. The barometric damper will cut down on coal usage by regulating the chimney draft automatically.

Does the crimped edge of the pipe go towards the stove like a wood stove? No with a coal stove the crimped edge heads to the chimney.

Remember always open the turn damper before opening the top door to let the smoke go up the chimney and not into the room.

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