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For 33 years - The coal burning stove "Thousands of New Englanders are raving about"

Our first new Chubby's in 25 years are now in production. Our parlor stoves are comfortable in any room of your home. Although our brand new Coal Stove Chubby's look the same, the difference is in the manufacturing processes available today. The soft lines around the door openings and cut outs are now being produced using plasma cutting technology. We have added more cast iron inside the stove for slower heat release, and additional exterior beauty. The time honored round design, and the use of a more expensive cast iron fire pot are still standard. We will never substitute a firebrick lining, that retards the transfer of heat. As our 35 year record shows, we do not skimp. A reconditioned Chubby Stove sells for more money today, than it did new over 30 years ago. That's an investment. Many of our original units have become hand me downs, to the next generation. We love our customers!! Start your family tradition today.

One thing that still holds true "The Coal Stove Chubby" is still the most for the least. 

For those who wish to update to a brand new Chubby rest assured, this is the very same Chubby Stove you have known for over 30 years. The newer cleaner lines, heavier cast iron door hinges, and upgraded cast iron interior, will enhance your overall heating experience. Electricity is not required to run any of our products. We do offer an optional blower unit however, and your stove will continue to burn uninterrupted without the blower, if there is a power outage.

Have a Coal Stove Chubby built just for you! We will send you a product that has withstood the test of time all you will need to supply is a chimney with a good draft and a proper installation! New stove orders are now running 7 - 14 business days from ordering date. Thank you for your business.

Watch for the return of our Jr. Chubby  to return to production in the future as well.

Give this link a click  "Free Video"  and watch A typical daily schedule with a Chubby Stove (24 hours) reduced to a 20 minute video. We will send you a link that will show you how to light a Coal Stove Chubby, empty the ashes, and enjoy the endless heat. Watch over and over for free!


 Large Chubby BTUs Top of flue/floor Height Coal/filling Burn time/filling Weight Flue size Fuel Diameter

Rear vent

60 - 70,000           25" 30" 20-30 lbs. 10-20 hours 225 lbs. 6" Nut coal 18 - 20"
 with blower           250      
 Top Vent 60 - 70,000           N/A 30" 20-30 lbs. 10-20 hours 225 lbs. 6" Nut coal 18 - 20"
 with blower           250 lbs      


 Round ash pan             Included
 Poker                           Included
 Cast iron ash catcher  Included

 Fire view door             Included

OPTIONS: 6" Oval to round adapter regular price 79.95 Included free with brand new top vent stoves.

Can I fit a Chubby Stove on my fireplace hearth? Minimum measurements.

Rear vent units are best suited for fireplace installations.

Top vent units are best suited for  free standing installations. Through a ceiling, wall, or above a fireplace opening.

See operation manual for more installation specifics. Operation manual  Please use your computers BACK button to return to this page.

 *Should I order the internal tube blower?  If you want to keep more than 1500 s.f. totally warm you should  consider a blower unit. There is a considerable difference in the area covered when you turn on the blower system. Those days when you are cold to the bone, a blower is great. Stove works with the blower on or off.     

Chubby internal blower

Super heat Internal tube blower system shown above.

Please call for a delivery date before ordering - Thank- you!

                       *The top two units pictured below are best for an installation that is either a fireplace or straight out the rear of the stove.

Chubby Stove rear vent blower

Rear vent blower $2399.00


Chubby Stove rear vent

Rear vent $1995.00 

Best choice for a free standing installation, up through a ceiling, or out a wall into a chimney.

Chubby Stove rear vent blower

Top vent blower $2399.00


Chubby Stove rear vent

Top Vent    1995.00

Thank-you for your business!     Telephone us at 781-293-7990

*Special shipping rates on the east coast and to the mid-west. $200.00 - 275.00

Tail gate delivery pricing, shipping paid with stove purchase.  $200 to most residential address - $175 to a business address with a loading dock or fork lift  Add 50.00 to business addresses without a loading dock or fork lift    $150 picked up at the nearest shippers terminal to your home.

Rising gas prices may change the listed estimated shipping charges above, call us for an  exact shippers price prior to your purchase.

The Coal Stove Chubby.. The anthracite burning home heaters thousands of New Englanders are raving about.