About Us
For several years our loyal customers have asked us if we would ever produce the Coal Stove Chubby again. Truth of the matter is we all became comfortable burning inexpensive oil and gas, and there appeared to be no reason to do otherwise. The next few years will bring new challenges for all of us, and new opportunities for American manufacturers.

The Coal Stove Chubby is back!  We will be a part of the next American industrial revolution. We believe all Americans will do what needs to be done to rebuild our countrychubby stove
and our work places. While these changes may be inconvenient in the short term, in the long run, our children will be the beneficiaries.
American made products will rebound, American life will improve, and we will turn back the clock in spite of American politics. The roaring twenties are only a few years away! Not to say they got it totally right the first time, but this time will be our turn to fix the present, past, and our collective futures. The seeds of opportunity for American manufacturers are being planted right now. Entrepreneurs start your engines please!

The "Coal Stove Chubby" was invented for those of us who refused to be kicked around by OPEC and pay the high prices for their oil. The Coal Stove Chubby is back to help your children finish what we started over 30 years ago. It is time again to tell the Foreign Oil Producers to (KEEP THEIR OIL!!) Kindly consider burning clean, smokeless, soot free American Anthracite. Your fuel dollars will stay in America and support American families. The Chubby Stove, a simple solution to a complex problem. We hope our American made products help you live a warmer life! As always, Thanks for you business.


 Chubby coal StoveAs a family owned business we last manufactured the Coal Stove Chubby in the mid 1980s. When featured on World News tonight in 28 countries the Coal Stove Chubby caught the attention of many homeowners who were burning wood. Many decided to switch from wood to anthracite, and we grew to a three shift a day manufacturer of fine quality anthracite home heaters. When oil prices fell to .89 cents a gallon it was no longer feasible to manufacture the Coal Stove Chubby. Even though we closed the company, our customers were never left without even a small part. Customers were always welcome to call our home 7 days a week. We always answered our telephone to help out. Customer service will, as it has always been, our top priority. We truly appreciate your loyalty.

Future Goals
In 2015 we will start manufacturing new Coal Stove Chubby's. Our product line will grow to Chubby stoves fired by gas, for situations where solid fuel is not practical. Also, an anthracite, basement style, supplemental, free standing mini furnace is being tested as an addition to our line up. This will not replace your central furnace, but will act in concert with your home heating strategy. Our mission is to produce supplementary home heaters servicing those who want a secondary source of heat for emergency's, and of course, those who prefer to remove themselves from the oil and gas grid altogether. Many new accessory items are in the pipeline..







Chubby Stoves are recognized by their unique exterior design. The low profile of a Chubby stove lends itself to those jobs not serviced by taller units.

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