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Plain but fancy             
Our Coal Stove Chubby's have been heating homes in New England for 35 years. Built with an outer steel shell, and inner cast iron fire pot. chubby stove
This combination has withstood the test of time for over a quarter century. The graceful, time honored Acanthus Leaf vines cast into the stoves top, doors and legs is a favorite of architects and designers. Every Coal Stove Chubby made has had the Mayflower cast in front and center. Although we like to think of our Coal Stove Chubby's as supplemental home heaters many appliance owners will tell you different.

 Anyone can use a Chubby Stove. If you are new at it, we offer a free video to show you a typical daily schedule! Its simple, its easy, and our grandparents did it most of their lives. We offer totally free tech support, with a live person, if you have any questions please call 781-293-7990   Click here to let us know where to send the video link.

An anthracite nut fire can be established once the temperature is below 50 degrees and will run until the heating season ends in April. A single filling of the fire pot will supply you with plenty of heat, without attention, for hours on end. The Coal Stove Chubby will run at 300 - 600 degrees comfortably 24 hours a day, with or without electricty. Try doing that with your oil or gas thermostat. The cost to fuel this   type of warmth right now, is about $325 - $350 a year, in most areas, per bagged ton delivered to your home in clean 40lb. plastic bags. Unlike a pellet stove, a Coal Stove Chubby requires - No annual maintenance, or adjustments. Just an occasional freshening up with a coat of high temperature stove paint. Be totally warm.

Next, have you heard coal was dirty? Wrong. Maybe in the days when central furnaces without gaskets were used. So, when I am asked this question, I usually reply, what do you mean, and people are not sure. Dirty to the touch, or dirty to burn in the house?  Well, thats just what I've heard.. maybe compared to wood for instance? - This is where the rubber meets the road. Read more.

U.nlike the dusty non-gasketed central furnaces of yesterday, today's parlor heaters are gasketed and are constructed in a manner that makes residential use a great alternative heating source. The piece of mind of owning a supplemental home heater (or one for daily use) is truly liberating. One other thing, once you experience the heat from an anthracite home heating parlor stove, you will wonder why you went without this wonderful heat. Be totally warm.                        

S.tart your anthracite home heating journey by calling us with your installation questions. Whether your interest is full time use, or just keeping warm during a power outage, we are here to speak with you. For less than $350.00 this season, in most areas, you can purchase a pallet, of bagged anthracite nut delivered to your door. Some people heat exclusively with a Chubby Stove and use no oil or gas at all. The future belongs to those who prepare for it! Don't wait for the power to go out or fuel prices to rise again before you consider a purchasing a supplementary home heating appliance.

A.nthracite coal is environmentally friendly. It burns with virtually no smoke and few emissions, producing no soot or creosote buildup. Anthracite is a low sulfur fuel, and can be delivered to your home in clean plastic bags that will remain ready to go even if not used for many years. Anthracite never goes bad.

Dear Friends.

In recent years we've been living in a cold home.Even though our thermostat is set at 68 degrees the house just neverCoal Stove Chubby.jpg seems warm. As a young girl I remember our home always being warm. We had a kitchen stove which we fueled with anthracite. Mom used  it for baking on a daily basis. When we converted our central home  heater from coal to oil, it was never the same. The warm home disappeared. Sure it was easier, but even with very inexpensive oil back then the
house was always chilly when the furnace cycled off. Like a warm home,  the lure of inexpensive oil is also a thing of the past so I thought. I never forgot the beautiful heat of an anthracite burning heater. While visiting  a home on a neighboring island here in Maine I saw a working Chubby Stove and I had to have one!! It is unlikely that I will go back to a coal burning central furnace however, I am now the proud owner of a Coal Stove Chubby. The cold home is gone. The total warmth I was promised, has been totally delivered. Thank you so very much! We love our Coal Stove Chubby. ~ Peaks Island Maine.

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Chubby Stoves are recognized by their unique exterior design.

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